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Domain names can be categorized into 4 levels primarily

Domain Levels .com Price Level (Approx) .IN Price Level (Pot. 20% value of .com) Examples Potential No.
Super Premium $5 million $1 million Keywords - Cars, Loans, Jobs 1000
Premium $500k $100k Keywords - Rebates, Envelopes 10,000
High Quality $50k $10k LLL, Other Keywords 100,000
Quality $5k $1k 2 Word Keywords and more 1 Million

Note: Based on the above projections for domain values in Dot .IN , top 100,000 domains will be the most valuable.

Dot .IN Price projections of 20% value of .com, is based on some evidence that .CO.UK and .CN have reached those levels

  • Dot .IN market feels so much like 1998/9 .COM days. .IN has 2 million domains registered, right about what .COM was in those years. Cable broadband was being rolled out here in the US and people were signing up in masses. The similar rollout going on now in India, althought it is through high speed mobile. Sure, DOT .IN was introduced 12 yrs ago, but the timing was early for India's infrastructure. We saw with .COM a decade of tremendous price growth between 1999 -2009 (just check with some domainers who bought domains in 1999 for 5k or 10k and sell them for 500k about 10 yrs later). This feels like 2017-2027 could be the decade for DOT .IN /.CO.IN and India turns 70 yrs since independence this year. So it might be the decade of tremendous price growth. So pay attention to that
  • As someone who invested in domains in 1998 and having run a business using keyword domains, can tell you based on the traffic that am seeing from India, that english keywords works and just ask websites like Linkedin, Facebook and Google. I will make this bold claim that english keyword domains with DOT .IN are going to more valuable than all other cctlds including .CN, .CO.UK , etc. It would second only to .COM in pricing
  • DOT .IN investors are represented from all over world, in fact more than 50% of the 2 million are held by folks in US, Canada, China, UK, Germany etc. DOT .IN does not have residency requirements from the get to and this has helped its growth worldwide, which I believe is an essential ingredient. Some early investors dropped out of DOT .IN due to lack of progress over the years, but you have to understand India is a large democratic country where things happed very slowly. But now I do believe several factors are coming together including increased enquiries for .IN domain names, that this might be India's decade.

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